Use This Free Tool to Calm Your Anxious Hiring Managers

UPDATE: Watch this Google+ Hangout ON AIR to learn how to use the tracker effectively.

Hiring managers can be impatient. We’ve all had those awkward conversations where we wish we had a better tool to help them understand  what we’ve done since the inception of the search. With that in mind, have you ever wanted to have evidence and documented proof that you’ve actually been working even when you don’t have viable candidates to present? Or, to prove that you’ve exhausted all of your resources to find qualified candidates in order to demonstrate that some of the required skills and experience should change?

Have you ever wanted to easily document all of your sourcing efforts so you know exactly what you’ve done so you know what you need to do next and to ensure you never cover the same ground?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of the above, the SourceCon Search Tracker template is the solution to your problem.

Based on our own research, the majority of practitioners are spinning their wheels. SourceCon speakers and writers have given us all the strategies and methodologies we need to be successful. However, very few practitioners track what they do on a daily basis to make sure they’ve searched every corner of every database they have access to.

Download the template here.

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