• maureensharib

    We’ll start calling you Glenn “LighteningInABottle”Gutmacher from now on!

  • http://www.recruiting-online.com/ Glenn Gutmacher

    Thanks for kicking off the comments, Maureen. I’m definitely not the most technical presenter in the lineup we’ll have for the new Programmers track in Austin, but I can recognize sourcing + tech genius when I see it, and the rest of our roster qualifies! #SourcersWhoCode

  • Dean Da Costa

    I cant wait for this track!!

  • http://www.careeradex.com/ Infosourcer

    Right on!! I’ve been meaning to finally get to my bootcamp coding classes, so this will be great!. I also have been doing some research around the shortage of technical talent (globally) and there are some schools of thought (and some actual implementations), that EVERYONE at a company should learn how to code by providing training access to MOOCs. You mix that in with “soft skills”, you pretty much have a job for the rest of your life 🙂 (Cross-posting to FB as well)

  • http://wizardsourcer.com/ Jonathan Kidder

    Can’t wait for this!!