• Eric Patki

    “Today, though inconvenient I admit, I can still do math without a calculator or cell phone. I hope you can too. Sourcing is no different” – 100% agree!

    I am from pre-internet/email era of recruiting – yes, tools ease our lives but one should also be comfortable to source from outside of the ‘toolbox’ 🙂

  • http://thesearchauthority.weebly.com/#! Dean Da Costa

    Despite being a “tool guy” I have always said you need to learn the basics because tools come and go. There is virtually nothing a tool can do you cant do without the tool. The tools just can do it quicker. I just did a webinar were I found emails for a bunch of people without tools, and yes I then showed them how to do it with tools. The tools were quicker, but again tools come and go

  • Mark Izzy Israel

    I think it’s a matter of perspective. I have a boutique (i.e., small) staffing agency. There are two of us and some part timers. We don’t have time to write boolean strings and source. Heck, I don’t even have the time to use all the tools. If you are in a larger organization, or on a team that is specifically focused on sourcing, then a foundation is probably good.

  • Beth

    I wonder if this will ever truly turn into “learned helplessness”. I think it also depends on the person. Like you pointed out, a fool with a tool is just a fool. I think we can keep the “human” in human resources and still use tools! This is an interesting topic. Thanks for sparking the discussion 🙂

  • chandra bodapati

    Agree with minor modification… “A fool with a tool is a still a fool…. if they don’t learn how to use the tool”

    As 10K+ sourcers know, eGrabber has been developing tools for 20+ years.

    Leaders that leverage tools best are those – who convert a complex or time consuming process into a simple one using a tool, that anyone can be trained to use. Then they hire lots of juniors to do senior level work for them.

    “A smart researcher using a right automation tool, has a chance to beat a much smarter researcher who doesn’t use tools”


  • Robert

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