LinkedIn to Acquire Connectifier

In a letter to Connectifier users, John Jersin announced LinkedIn is planning to acquire Connectifier.

Here’s the note sent to Connectifier users:

I’d like to share some exciting news with you: LinkedIn — a company with a mission very similar to our own — intends to acquire Connectifier, and I’d like to let you know personally about this change.

Both Connectifier and LinkedIn aim to connect talent with opportunity at massive scale, and by combining LinkedIn’s vast network and its Talent Solutions tools with Connectifier’s cutting edge matching technology and exceptional team, we believe we’ll be able to accelerate our product roadmap to help you hire the right talent even more efficiently.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll continue to support Connectifier’s existing products while we focus on making this integration successful — this involves determining how we can best integrate Connectifier to create the most value for LinkedIn members, customers and business.

In the meantime, you’ll continue to have access to the product and your service will remain unchanged. If you have any other questions, please reach out to I’ll look forward to sharing more with you about our plans in the near future. Thanks for being a valued customer. 



Was this a play to put a profile aggregator out of business? Or, will LinkedIn now be aggregating data from other sites for the benefit of their members? Either way, it’s an interesting move given the fact that LinkedIn has brought legal action against other companies who leverage LinkedIn data.

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Here’s the LinkedIn announcement and a blog post from John Jersin.

The SourceCon community weighed in immediately in our Facebook group. See the conversation here. 

  • Marc

    Looking for an alternative to Connectifier? Try

  • Adam Chao

    I got the email from Connectifier announcing this. I’m thinking this was indeed a move to get rid of the tool. Doesn’t seem to fit with LinkedIn’s views on privacy.


    Try PROPHET… It’s like connectifier but free!