• http://www.intelligentta.com/ Rob McIntosh

    Joel – I’m sure recruiters and sourcers would love to see a list from you on other said solutions that you feel are on a similar slippery slope, but I also understand by posting such an article is a slippery slope in its own right.

    • http://www.eremedia.com/sourcecon/ Shannon Pritchett

      Cut in the edits 😉

    • http://linkedin.com/in/joelcheesman Joel Cheesman

      Slippery, indeed. There’s only 24 hours in a day.

      • Kieron Brown

        Hi Joel,

        I know you can’t get involved with putting extensions on line. Do you have a contact emai I can get you on please.


  • Colin Matteson

    Nymeria was the best out there. Any other lesser known extensions that we can replace it with?

  • Ashley

    You blog is always updated and very interesting

  • Viraj Sheth

    Nymeria was so, so good. Nothing out there was even close. Could anyone please suggest the next best alternative out there?

    • Andy

      ContactOut, should be easily found on Chrome Web Store.

      • Viraj Sheth

        Currently out of maintenance. Any other viable options?

        • Alex Blazer

          http://snov.io or Snovio is pretty much close to nymeria. Maybe not as good as nymeria but still a decent option. At least cheaper and comes with bigger free plan than FTL and hunter

    • Kieron Brown

      Hi Viraj,

      Did you get to find anymore Nymeria type email scraper by any chance.