• Rick Reyes

    Thanks for the words!!

    • Emily Vallerie

      Thanks for reading it Rick 🙂

  • Focus Blue

    I left LinkedIn a number of years ago after being on it for 7 years. For the most part it proved worthless and harder to network on it then in real life or on Twitter. Twitter is, by a long shot, far easier to connect with others in business. LinkedIn made it a royal hassle. InMail was a total nut job. LinkedIn often punished me for things they allowed bunches of other people to do daily. They were very unfair. If LinkedIn ever enforced that members had to “know well” whom they connect with – the whole thing would have folded years ago. The groups are filled with spammers and ruthless drama queens. Recruiters and others can “anonymously” check you out and cannot, will not be revealed no matter how much you might scream.

    Do yourself a big favor: leave LinkedIn. It’ll be the best decision you’ve made.

    • Emily Vallerie

      Thank you for sharing about this.

  • Dean Da Costa

    When it comes down to it it is pretty simple. If the tool or Extension needs permissions to LI or needs you signed into LI or only works on LI it is probably not good. If not then it is probably good. Notice probably. All that said LI is not the only game in town with its 500 mil members. I mean Facebook has almost 2 billion A lot of these tools work on other sites, other places and in other ways

    • Emily Vallerie

      Thank you for your comment, Dean. As far as I’m concerned, you are the Waldorf of Chrome Extensions!! I, at one point, downloaded a PDF of yours with all the Chrome extensions and now I can’t find it. Thank you for clarifying what Chrome Extensions to not use when in LI.

  • Lawrence Celli

    Excellent info. Learning the game on the go!!

    By hance, does anyone have a link to the “top” 100 Boolean Search Strings, if there is such a thing that was recently circulated?

    Thank You,

  • Robert

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