I’m a large group owner and it doesn’t matter to me, because that’s how I’ve used it all along. Native. My group has low spam content, we have 2 managers and recruiters post to the jobs tab.

  • moonbeammairgold

    If you want my opiinion, most of the groups have lost their effectiveness two – three years ago because they have bee overtaken by people who aren’t interested in dialoging with others, but rather use them to promote themselves and their companies.

    The managers doen’t have the time or authority to monitor and maintain them the way they should be able to.

    Posters have little to no respect for member’s time and attention. That is why I rarely look at posting in any groups anymore. Six years ago I was an extremely active participant, and I value the friendships and associations I gained through LinkedIn groups. I don’t think that is possible today. Most of the group postings just resemble junk email.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/seanrehder Sean Rehder

    A few months back LI stopped posting a person’s group activity in their personal stream. The way it was…if you posted or “liked” something in a group…that went to your personal stream. I was growing one my groups by 20-30 a day with new members because of that distribution.

    Now that they turned it off…I’m growing about 20-30 a month. Hence my move and focus to Meetup.com in trying to grow community. But this time a face to face community..which comes with a new set of challenges and style of management.