• http://www.insperity.com/ Arron Daniels

    Brit, thanks for sharing this article. I agree with you completely that texting should be a part of the recruitment process, but I wanted to add a couple thoughts as a Sourcer that texts.

    1. Outreach- It depends on the individual market and target. For targeted prospective candidates, the “Dear X, Are you interested in X position with X company?” I don’t believe would cut it. Texting is still on the personal side of the house. That text message will end up in someones pocket/purse. In my opinion, if we are going to use texting, let’s not use impersonal messages.

    2. Outreach- I think mass texting to candidates that are currently in an applicant tracking system would be more appropriate. Or perhaps after a list of candidates have been vetted and have a common theme among their experiences could be an exception.

    Too many emails are being sent with lackadaisical word vomit followed by a link where prospective candidates are to apply to this job (without a conversation). I use texting successfully and I don’t want the text message to become the new wasteland of (clearly) faked interest and check the box rapport building.

    • http://www.eremedia.com John Ricciardi

      Arron, great points. I like the idea of keeping the focus on candidates who are already identified and/or in your ATS. It’s a strategy I looked at for high volume hiring into a call center.

      Texting is an underused medium. As you mentioned, I hope it doesn’t become the new wasteland of spam….