• http://twitter.com/AvidCareerist Donna Svei

    Nice Glen. This made me want to take the Liam Neeson meme and say, “I don’t know who you, but I will hire Glen Cathey to hunt you down and find you.” I’m always both amazed and appreciative of your generosity to the recruiting community. Donna

    • http://www.booleanblackbelt.com Glen Cathey

      Thank you very much Donna!

  • Mr Jim Cason Fortner

    I like the article Glen, but with recent revelations about Google giving access to the NSA, I’ll stick with just Google (or a one that does no tracking…they exist!) No, I am not looking for anything I shouldn’t, it’s a principle issue. Besides, if you know how to master the specific Boolean language for Google, the “people find” on Google+ pales in comparison…but again, thanks for the info

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