• http://writerlionel.wordpress.com Lionel Valdellon

    How about: “Do you have 10 minutes to talk?” if you’re a passive candidate, you don’t want to talk. Don’t force upon them a call-to-action that will never happen.

  • Claire Street

    A useful article – thanks Michelle. The only point that I feel slightly differently about is the first one, which is essentially about seeking to be courteous, rather than being assumptive. I agree that we shouldn’t necessarily be apologetic, but I also think, when contacting somebody cold, that we need to acknowledge that it is contact out of the blue, and that their time/attention would be very much appreciated. I suspect people get bombarded day in, day out, with very assumptive cold approaches, along the lines of “You will NOT want to miss this opportunity!” or “I have the PERFECT job for you!” which I would personally find really irritating, so I do think that a bit of courtesy goes a long way to differentiating yourself as a consultative recruiter, rather than an assumptive, “always-be-closing” kind of recruiter. Still, different things work in different sectors, and your points at least raise an interesting discussion about the options available, when we have a very small window of opportunity to make a good impression.

  • Scott Weaver

    I didn’t read the article, but did view all of the gifs. I think I got the jist of it.

  • Rashmi

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    10 gifs in a blog posting. What a great idea!

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