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They Don’t Trust the Boss, But They’ll Rent a Room to a Stranger

How important is trust for an organization? In a survey by Interaction Associates, over 80% of employees said being effective in their work requires a high degree of trust in their co-workers (85%), boss (82%) and direct reports (81%). For…

What SMBs Can do to Keep Employee Records Safe

My company provides cloud storage for secure file management in small and medium-sized businesses. Since employee involvement is key in data protection, we wanted to help business professionals to understand the level of confidentiality of the information contained in standard office documents….

4 Steps HR Can Take to Protect Employee Medical Records

In April 2014, as electronic medical records became standard, the FBI issued a “private industry notification” warning health care organizations of an increased number of cyber intrusions targeting medical records due to, among other things, the higher payout for these…