Piloting My Way Back Into Recruiting From a Sourcing Role


One of the exciting things about Talent Acquisition is you can build a multiplicity of skills. Attending my second SourceCon I realized just how important it is for sourcers and recruiters to see a big picture about our own careers. The truth is there are many paths to entry into sourcing and recruiting….


3 Questions to Keep Your Recruiting Aligned With the Business

strategic recruiting

As a business leader, you know who makes your company run. (Hint: your employees.) A study by SHRM shows that 95% of recruiters expect recruiting to be as or more challenging next year. Everyone wants to hire and retain the best, so we’re constantly revisiting and questioning everything we’ve ever thought we knew…


Alexa, Get Me Some Candidates! Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Recruiting


AI is the new new thing in recruiting. Products like Mya claim to use AI and promise to revolutionize recruiting. As usual, the hype far exceeds the reality, since true AI means having a flexible, general-purpose intelligence of the type which allows an individual to learn to complete a vast range of tasks….