Session: Panel Discussion: The War for Talent is Dead: Is Open Source the Future of HR?

Date/Time: Tuesday 10/25 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm
Location: Mardi Gras Ballroom D
Speakers: Ambrosia Vertesi, Andrew Carges, Lars Schmidt, Will Staney

While you’ve heard the term “war for talent” used as recruiting blog click-bait for the past several years, the reality is that the war is over. Talent won. Now recruiting departments may be shifting away from being at war — keeping their hiring secrets to themselves — and instead adopting a more collaborative sharing of ideas. Taking from the tech community, a movement has been growing within HR and talent acquisition toward an open source approach to industry collaboration. In this session, Will Staney, former recruiting leader at Twilio, Glassdoor, and elsewhere, and founder of Proactive Talent Strategies, will moderate a panel which includes the founders of the HR OpenSource Community and talent-acquisition leaders who have participated in what they are calling a movement. Do you believe it’s time for HR and recruiting communities to come together, open their playbooks, share best practices, inspire each other, and raise our collective games? Join us.