• http://www.righthire.com Sunil Kosuri


    As usual, you make great arguments.

    The issue I see is to make potential job applicants complete an assessment without they being requested to by an employer. Yes, one can always show a lollipop in the form a career development report once a potential job applicant has taken an assessment, but as a potential job applicant who will likely switch jobs every few years, unless I am super-confident about myself, there is no incentive for me complete an assessment and knock myself out of the race for one or more jobs, unless the employer has forced me to take an assessment. Why would I want to expose my weaknesses?

    On the other hand, if I can take an assessment, get to know my score, get a career development report, and then have the option of sharing my score with potential employers when I achieve a high score, I may be more willing to complete the assessment. How many potential job applicants would care to do this with the employer push?

    Isn’t there a reason why all recommendations on LinkedIn look good? It’s self-selection, but can an employer assume that a potential job applicant without a LinkedIn recommendation is a potential bad hire?

    I am not sure that social job matching will replace talent assessments in the near future.

  • http://idealcandidate.com/ Ji-A Min

    As an I/O Psych graduate working in the social job matching space, I really appreciate your scientifically-ground perspective.

    From our own research, one of the biggest pain points for employers is sourcing the right candidates. I believe that combining the decades of psychometric research with new data collection and analysis technologies has the power to truly disrupt hiring for all the reasons you’ve listed above.

    The biggest challenge I anticipate for those of us in the space is getting employer buy-in for the quality of our pre-assessed candidate database. Companies that not only have the best psychometric assessment and matching algorithmns, but who can also attract the best talent will win.

    I’m also really happy you mention how empowering a job matching system is for the job candidates too. Too often, the benefits for jobs seekers are ignored. I think all of us – employers and employees alike – are seeking a better alternative to the current outdated hiring system.

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