• Keith Privette

    Thanks for writing this article. I am glad to see this form of relationship building is working for finding “real candidates”. What is your feedback on a site like notchup.com from a recruiters perspective.

    We this article gives me the confidence that professional relationship cultivation through social media technologies does have its place. See ya around on twitter or facebook!

  • Paul DeBettignies

    Katie was on a Social Media Panel in front of 241 colleagues for our Minnesota Recruiters event Friday. In response to a question of how much time is spent on Social Media, Katie replied with “constant partial attention.”

    Most everyone write that down.

    I had been trying to think of a phrase for some time and she nailed it in three words.

    Thanks again friend for sharing your thoughts. You, Josh Kahn and Erica Steffenson were awesome.

  • Laura Schildkraut

    Couldn’t agree more. I always encorage my Onboarding Gen Y clients to enable internet and social networking tools. They’re afraid of the produtivity loss, but are being too short sighted. Thanks for additional reasons why access is good!

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  • kelly harris

    Interesting post, we advocate social networking as well and have created one of our own for virtual assistants and virtual professionals. We welcome readers of this post to join and begin networking to uncover and connect to virtual opportunities. Here is the link:http://www.findvirtual.com/

  • Amey Kennedy

    Great post. I have just recently started using social networks as a recruiting tool for our company and am encouraged to hear that they work and can truly function as an integral part of the recruiting process.

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  • http://www.insologies.com Kelly Anderson

    Hello, the last 10 people I hired were through social networks. After a recent posting on a social network, 93 responses were received…93 qualified or near-qualified and viable responses. Now I have a candidate pool for today and for future hires since you can connect and stay linked. Another asset to the social networks are those fabulous “what are you working on” tags which has turned out to be a free instant marketing blast tool.

  • Todd Raphael

    Kelly — would love to hear more about which networks you used, what worked, what didn’t. Todd

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