• http://hunts4u.com Todd Lempicke

    Here is something that is hot relative to campus recruiting.

    The ability to source, screen and interview students online saves on campus visits. This is a 2 minute video.

  • http://www.newmedialinks.com Ron Fine

    While I appreciate your perspective on the diminishing need for recruiting firms and their expertise in sourcing top talent, I do take specific exception to your comments that social networking will replace the more traditional methods.Let’s not be premature in our analysis of the market today, as it is an exceptionally unbalanced one,and not the most stable of frameworks upon which one should be making such predictions.

    Once the economic turmoil settles and there is an increased need for top talent to be brought on-board in order to manage growth, things will return, in part, to traditional methods. Placement agencies, whether perm or contract, will experience some business decline, however not as deep as you have predicted. If one looks deeper into the rise of recruitment agencies as vital partners to industry, it will become clear as to why they will continue to be so in the future. In-house HR departments are either understaffed or overworked in most scenarios and that in itself supports the need for agency involvement in the sourcing, screening and hiring process.

    Suffice it to say that agencies recognize these changing and turbulent times as a sign that they too must change; there are many who have taken a hard look at themselves and have devised innovative ways to compete. I compliment and support their initiatives and wish them great success now and in the future.

  • Nancy Anton

    I would like to see the resume replaced, or have it noted as many do, the Linkedin profile, so we can easily see more information. Gone is the line, “references furnished upon request”, in its place, click here for the profile and recommendations on Linkedin. And…the best part.. the receommendations are easily believed since they are now part of the public profile of the candidate. Who would write a great recommendation if they didn’t stand by it? Its so much easier to believe dates, titles and the recommendations. I love Linkedin.

  • Nolan Wheeler

    Here is the ultimate in hot. Has anyone out there heard of “The Corporate Draft”. These guys are using the same process used by the NFL and alike to recruit professional atheletes via a ‘Draft’ and have applied that for Fortune 500 companies to recruit or draft Managers and Executive.

    A friend of mine who works at Amazon.com told me about these guys. The Corporate Draft just launched its marketing campaign for the 2009 Corporate Draft. They are sending companies company-customized football jerseys, ‘Draft day Tickets’, a ‘Game Day Program’, etc. to top recruiting Fortune 500 companies.

    Now some of us thought that this new recruitment process would have been more effective in stronger economic times, yet the Corporate Draft is marketing the Draft as a platform for companies to get exposure to demonstrate they are spending thier money wisely (Corporate Draft will certainly yield a cost savings respective to executive recruitment), using a media average americans can relate with.

    I just checked out thier website: http://www.corporatedraft.com

    Draft being held September 25th and 26th at the Radio City Music Hall, 2500 applicants and 50 Fortune 500 companies in attendance.

    Pretty innovative, pretty smart…

    Great Article Kevin.

  • http://hunts4u.com Todd Lempicke

    Here is a really hot way to display a resume. First, look at this standard resume website from OptimalResume.
    (note the video resume, letter and other buttons)

    Then, check this visual depiction taken from the words on the resume using wordle.net.

    Wordle.net is a great tool to help you visualize the emphasis of words on your resume because it uses an algorithm to display them. How cool is that!

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  • Tom Potter

    Thanks Kevin, a very good article! I enjoyed reading it and it gave me some clues for my own work. I’m a recruiter myself and our company is rather small but it’s expanding and I’ve been very busy lately searching for some candidates and your rich experience you shared turned out indispensable to me.

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