• Stephanie McDonald

    LOL’ed at Addict being one of the most used words – I mean it’s not huge but the fact that it’s on there….hmmmmmm…

  • http://www.mnheadhunter.com Paul DeBettignies

    I would like to put a list together of those who are actually recruiting…

  • Keith Halperin

    Recruiters can READ?!


  • Todd Raphael

    Yeah, I noticed that about “addict.” Just a little smaller than “junkie.”

  • http://saysomethingmoredan.wordpress.com/ Dan Nuroo

    no COFFEE or BACON??? system must be flawed somewhere

  • http://www.wardtechtalent.com Mark Byrne

    This is a pretty interesting snapshot of the industry! Nice to see there’s still a bit of #love.