What Is the State of Talent Acquisition? Give Us 10 Minutes and We’ll Help You Save Hours

What grade do you give your talent-acquisition department? How would your stakeholders grade your team? How do those grades compare to others?

Ever wonder what your workload looks like when compared to your peers?

What obstacles to success are TA departments experiencing?

That’s only some of the information uncovered in the past by the State of Talent Acquisition survey, and it’s the kind of stuff we’re asking again this year.

Please take the survey and give us your thoughts.

We’ll be honest with you — it’s shorter than an online poll you’d jam through in a pop-up ad. It should take you about 10 minutes, maybe a tad more. The results give us a valuable look at the industry and provide an annual snapshot of how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us (hiring manager, HR stakeholders).

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We’ll present results at the April ERE conference in San Diego. A summary of results will also be sent to all survey respondents.

Have your voice heard and click this link to take the survey.