• Lawrence Stich


    All the sorts of things that professionals actually DO, summarized very nicely.

  • Sara Mallory

    It’s so great to hear from a fellow Candidate Experience award winner in this forum! Great article. Congratulations!

    Sara (the InfoReliance Recruiting Manager)

  • Howard Adamsky

    It is nice that you have accomplished this but to me, it is in a way, sad as well

    My first ERE article dealt with the candidate experience and it was called Make Beleive They’re Coming to Your House and it was publised on Oct 17, 2002.

    Are we as recruiters and business people and even thinkers, in reality, so dumb, that we still wrestle with this as an issue. Do we ever learn?.


  • http://www.survale.com Ian Alexander

    Chad, great article. It’s one thing to call for better candidate experience and another to do something about it. I applaud you and the other winners, along with the Talent Board for putting together the award program.
    Howard, I share your frustration, but I think the tide is turning a little more quickly now. Companies won’t truly make strides toward better candidate experience until the systematize the effort with metrics and milestones. Vendors are beginning to provide this kind of help in a number of ways. I’ll be self serving here if I may, as Chad’s post reads like marketing copy for a new technology solution, Survale, that provides a platform for measuring and monitoring the kinds of things Sage has focused on. More about this candidate satisfaction platform here

  • Keith Halperin

    @Chad: I commend the efforts that you and your firm have made, particularly in the very efficient, quick application process. I hope that your firm will be a model for others to emulate…. As you showed, the sad fact is that most companies don’t care about the candidate experience:
    1) If they’re not an employer of clhoice, they only have to pay attention to the “Fabulous 5%” of applicants and
    2) If they are empolyers of choice, they only have to pay attention to the well-connected “Fabulous 5%” of applicants.

    If companies cared (the way Sage and a few others do), they could hire a number of $5/hr virtual assistants to interact with candidates to make certain that each and every one of them had a professional (if not actually pleasant) experience.

    Thanks Again,


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