• http://www.linkedin.com/in/andylivingston Andy Livingston

    It’s good to see some strong evidence that social media is starting to enter into a mainstream recruitment campaign. What I’m particularly interested in the mobile optimised recruitment site, the UPS site is very slick – are there any other good examples out there?

  • Todd Raphael

    Randy mentioned a couple in this article: http://www.ere.net/2011/02/07/overlooking-mobile-how-many-candidates-are-passing-you-by/

    In addition, I think Tiffany just launched one. I just checked with my mobile phone (Droid) and indeed it looks like it has been mobile-optimized.

  • http://sourcinginsights.wordpress.com Marvin Smith

    Great article; and congrats to TMP and UPS team. I am always impressed when metrics driven success is presented. I am curious, is there a type of job category (or categories) that were more successful with the social media campaign?

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  • http://www.aoep.com Michael Vangel

    Hi Marvin,

    Just returned after being out of the country working on a global social media project for UPS. Very excited about it.

    Enjoyed meeting you in Redmond, WA last Fall @ ere’s #socialrecruitingsummit very much and our discussion regarding harnessing the true power of metrics and social media for recruitment.

    Our goal in 2010 after the social media recruitment infrastructure and its tracking components were put in place and valuations benchmarked in 2009 were to work on scaling up the applicant flow in 2010 and resulting conversion to hires as quickly as we could. We did not apply an equal emphasis across all job categories to drive applicant flow but instead focused primarily upon entry-level hires.

    We were pleasantly surprised to find applicant flow activity across all job categories through social media. However, the primary hires were entry-level in alignment with our focused efforts. In 2011 as we continue to dramatically scale upwards, we will begin a segmentation process providing greater emphasis on many job categories coupled with more granular reporting.

    Feel free to check back in with me as the year progresses. Would love to compare notes with you and discuss how your initiatives at Microsoft are moving forward, too. You’re doing great work.

    All the best!


  • Jessica Aguilar

    Hi Mike,
    I’m curious, are you willing to speak to the percentage of UPS’ overall Source of Hire that these hires represent? Or, perhaps even just to the shift in SoH as these sources grow year-over-year? I’m also wondering if UPS has woven any targeted SEO initiatives into it’s social/mobile plans, I see that you aren’t using paid search but interested if these results are solely organic or a result of other online optimization strategies. We have also seen a shift in our spend to online and are actively cultivating strategies that will allow us to leverage mobile and social more even more effectively in the future. I really enjoyed reading about UPS’ approach and applaud not only the great work, but also the solid metrics methodology – impressive work! Best, Jessica

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