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  • http://www.continental.com Candice Conerly

    I really like this article not just because the obvious effects of social media but I like the slant it provides on creating a synergy with internal departments like Marketing and Diversity.

    I think it’s a great idea to give future employees the opportunity to speak to current and former employees. I think if you work for a great company like mine, you should welcome this type open dialogue. Whenever an employee is apart of the momentum, they see Talent Acquisition differently. I think this creates advocates for your program, could possibly encourage more referrals or create “junior” recruiters for your company.

    -Candice Conerly
    Continental Airlines

  • http://www.startribune.com/jobs Jeffrey Perry

    Does anyone have experience launching a Facebook page for a small – mediums sized company? If they don’t have the staff to continually update it, is it still beneficial? i.e. will it help with search engine rankings…

  • http://www.startribune.com/jobs Jeffrey Perry

    (typo corrected) Does anyone have experience launching a Facebook page for a small – medium sized company? If they don’t have the staff to continually update it, is it still beneficial? i.e. will it help with search engine rankings…

  • http://socialmediaheadhunter.com James Durbin

    Jeffery, the answer to that is it depends. Are the people you’re trying to recruit on Facebook? And as for updating – it’s best done by the person doing the recruiting or a full-time branding person, as Sodexo does. Facebook is best used as a messaging tool. If your candidates are on Facebook, and want to be contacted, it’s the right step.

    Facebook does show up on searches, but it won’t help your careers site show up further. it works better for a blended search. For more on how to do all of this, check out http://store.socialmediaheadhunter.com

  • Brian Taffe

    I wish I understood how the social networking described in this article was connected to improved hiring results. Saying there was an “astounding increase in targeted traffic” doesn’t define how that translated into something good. Was it (A) previously this company did not have enough candidates to fill their volume of reqs or (B) quantity was not an issue but the quality of applicants was not adequate and social networking increased the number of quality applicants who actually filled positions?

  • http://socialmediaheadhunter.com James Durbin

    Brian, most companies aren’t so keen on publicly releasing hiring numbers to third party sources, even ones they like, but Sodexo internally has seen a growth in their hiring metrics, which includes number of people hired, in the interview funnel, and those connecting with recruiters in ways not seen before.

    Sodexo approached this with metrics in mind, and from their results, they feel they see more candidates interested in positions they wish to hire for, higher conversion of desired candidates, and an easier time recruiting for those recruiters currently using social media as part of the employment process.

    There are other metrics, like costs of candidate acquisition and time-to-fill that we did not address in this article, but they know those numbers.

  • chris russell

    Sodexo is one of the leaders in social media recruiting, they even use podcasting in their recruiting mix.


  • http://www.veerorange.com Rob Humphrey

    More traffic is not equal to more/better hires. In any economy.

  • http://socialmediaheadhunter.com James Durbin

    Hey Rob – you’re right – traffic isn’t the end-all, be all, but this traffic is better informed on what Sodexo does, how to apply, who they are, and they have access to current and former Sodexo employees. And they have three times as many of the engaged applicants as they did of the former basic applicants.

    And that is valuable in every economy.

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  • http://www.hughesvaladez.com John Hughes

    Nice article Jim. I led a corporate recruiting function that started pages with facebook, myspace, youtube and others. It is helpful in getting the message out to all potential job seekers. Candidates alos liked the authenticity of the approach. My new site is bringing social media aspect into the job board world. http://www.bigdoghub.com

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