• Harrison Tang

    I agree that social networks will become an integral part of every company’s recruiting efforts in the near future. After all, recruiting is about people, and social networks provide a good way to connect people together. The most obvious example is to leverage social networks to learn more about job applicants, and right now you can use Spokeo People Search to accomplish that task.

  • wayne wiggins

    Hello John, an interesting article. You missed out my firm from the emerging social network sites to aid recruitment. http://www.simska.com is a UK site that allows firms to subscribe to a social network site to manage their network of freelance contractors. This helps them attract tried and trusted contractors back to their firm when they are needed again without having to go through recruitment agencies.

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  • Kelly Magowan

    Hi John,

    I enjoyed reading your trends article, which shows exciting times ahead for those businesses that are embracing innovation and making a real commitment to new attraction and retention initiatives.

    I am pleased to see that smart businesses are realizing that a transactional approach offers little value, as for too long so many businesses have and continue to hire in such an outdated fashion.

    I would however like to see more transparency and sharing of relevant information by businesses with potential applicants, as this so often is missing. Most of the focus around new initiatives is on finding out more information about the applicant yet still delivering very little upfront to the applicant, which I believe is a fundamental problem, particularly when trying to attract passive talent at the higher end of the market.

    This is something Six Figures, http://www.sixfigures.com.au is looking to address with a premium job site that is geared around delivering high salary earners the information they need, about the business, the job, leadership, team, culture and so on in order to make a decision or to be tempted to make the decision to apply.

    The talent is indeed out there, we just need to work harder to attract top talent and consider what information and experience they want, rather than what we want to tell or deliver. The power shift from employer to job seeker has begun!

  • Ryann Reddy

    Video and mobile video I think will be some of the top ways recruiters can easily and cost effectivly touch a large pool of candidates. We have started using video as a recruiting tool and it has worked out well. Here is a current video we are looking for a Recruiter in LA, CA


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  • Phil Haynes

    Dr. Sullivan,
    One interesting trend you will see take hold in the second half of 2008 and catch fire in 2009 is “Collaboration”. (www.allianceq.com)
    The concept of Corporate America collaborating to collectively solve its recruiting problems touches on some of your top trends, most significantly;
    Branding: “countering your “negative” employment brand” – the first experience many people have with our employment brands is when they apply for a job. 98% of these people don’t get hired and a large portion is treated in a manner not becoming our brands. The Members of AllianceQ have solved that problem and begun to build the world’s largest, perpetually growing, organically diverse database in the world.
    When you speak of “innovators” the brands you see on AllianceQ are collaborating to de-fragment the terribly fragmented world of online recruiting. The effect this will have is to free the capacity of recruiting departments, allowing them to accomplish goals like relationship recruiting, reinforcing the business case for recruiting and focusing on succession planning and other strategic initiatives.
    I’d be curious to know what your thoughts are on this strategy and am available for a conversation anytime!

    Phil Haynes
    Managing Director

  • Daniel Rogers


    I read this article with a keen interest. I would like to re-enforce some of the strategies you have suggested on the article.

    My company has been discussing about various approaches to hire employees. We have used Employee referrals, Social networking tools, job portals and other media to attract candidates.

    In the last eight months we have put together good metrics to find out the best sources to hire top performing employees. Based on the statistics we gathered; we discovered that 56.62% of our employees have come through Employee referrals thanks to our company’s aggressive employee referrals programs and retention policies. Employee referral is also one of the best sources to find good quality hires.

    We also found that none of our top performing employees have left us in the last 8 months. As far as the average and poor performers are concerned, we have customized training programs to give them every opportunity to improve on their skills. Through our quarterly certification programs, we’ve noticed that our employees are continuously learning and improving on their skills. This clearly reflects on our recent client relationship surveys. Our scores on these surveys have been consistently averaging between 8 and 9 out of 10.

    I did notice that you added Outsourcing Recruiting Processes under the “Not so Hot Trends” for 2009. I agree with you to a certain extent. Outsourcing recruiting processes to local companies under a typical “pay for placement” model may not appear “Hot” in the current market scenario. However, outsourcing recruiting functions to offshore recruiting firms could be the next big thing in corporate recruiting. This is probably a new concept for many and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce it to the ERE members.

    Offshore recruiting firms provide a range of services. Internet-based sourcing and/or candidate screening services can free up to 50 percent of corporate recruiters’ time. The offshore sourcers and recruiters work as “assistants” to the corporate recruiters and typically provide support for the most critical and time sensitive job openings. The offshore team performs the time-consuming tasks and leaves the highest-value, highest-touch tasks to the corporate in-house recruiters. As a result, corporate recruiters can close up to 50 percent more job openings, focus on complex tasks requiring the greatest skill, provide a more positive experience for candidates, and delight their hiring managers through presenting higher quality candidates.
    Full lifecycle recruiting allows corporate recruiting departments to outsource recruiting functions that do not require in-person interactions. Tasks can include sourcing, candidate interviewing and qualification, negotiating pay rates, administering online tests, and conducting background and reference checks.

    In terms of cost-benefits too offshore recruiting can be a good proposition as the average cost per hire works out to be $1500 to $3000!

    Daniel Rogers
    Senior Internal Recruiter
    91-20-25387050 Ext 301(Work)
    91-98230-88778 (Cell)
    Recruiting Done Right from Start to Finish

    About iPlace USA
    iPlace USA, is a global recruiting company with headquarters in Virginia, USA and international recruiting center in Pune, Maharashtra, India. We provide professionally managed sourcing and recruiting services for American companies from our facility in Pune. More and more corporate recruiting departments in the US are working with offshore firms to increase the productivity of their recruiting operations and to lower costs.
    iPlace has implemented the best attributes of Indian and American sourcing and recruiting processes to ensure consistent high quality, speed, and professionalism.

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