This Is the Latest on SimplyHired

Here’s what I’m hearing about the SimplyHired situation.

  • Pieces of the company/technology will be acquired
  • The end is expected toward the end of June
  • Employees were told last night
  • Partners (companies that work closely with SimplyHired) are going to be told via email
  • Employees are apparently facing an uncertain future and aren’t included in the parts being taken over.

Sounds like this could be an opportunity for human resources/recruiting technology companies looking for salespeople and others.

  • dennisgorelik

    Could it be that SimplyHired disintegration was hastened by their decision half a year ago to raise min CPC from $0.10 to $0.20?
    That probably reduced SimplyHired revenue, because many job boards simply do not want to spend that much on most of their jobs.

  • 1morejob

    Simply Hired employees worldwide are free to get in touch with 1moreJob for opportunities, they can email hello@1morejob:disqus Jobseekers can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Businesses who had posted jobs on Simply Hired can also post jobs with us for free using promotion code FREEJOBS

  • Maddy_B

    Sounds like the notice to their customers was rather abrupt. Hopefully they’ll be able to find other solutions to switch to easily before June 26th. Careerleaf is offering a quick turn-around for Simply Hired partners who’ve been left in the lurch:

    My sympathies for the SH employees who have lost their jobs. I hope they land on their feet quickly.