• http://www.magicmethod.ning.com Maureen Sharib

    I don’t imagine those two wayward NW Airlines pilots who overshot their destination ’cause they were on their laptops in the cockpit helps the social media cause much.

  • http://www.magicmethod.ning.com Maureen Sharib

    AfterThought: So you think it’s important to be able to reach the CFO’s office on a daily basis for stuff like this? I agree!

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  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/jenniferhitchensgreenfield Jennifer Greenfield

    Excellent article that provides important details on developing a business case for social media. I often hear many of the ‘obstacles’ for implementing social media recruiting strategies…this article is a terrific ‘counter’ to many of the biggest hurdles – I especially like #4 (“Limited data collection” & “Providing new data” sections). Many times the “facts & figures” can open doors for implementing new strategies/methods.

    Could we see a follow up article highlighting the results of implementing these recommendations?? 🙂

  • Sylvia Dahlby

    What’s interesting is how recruiters/HR has to be compelled to “make a business case” for social networking while the marketing department does not. I’m surprised the article didn’t delve into the new media more deeply and how basic marketing techniques (ie, branding) directly apply to talent acquisition — especially when almost all of the Steps are marketing 101.

    Social media are simply MEDIA and as such, need to be worked into the mix whether you’re marketing a product or recruiting.

  • http://www.ckrinteractive.com Skye Callan

    All great points John. Thanks for the article!

    I agree with Sylvia — as social media is in fact media, it should be worked into the marketing mix for both product and recruitment marketing.

  • http://www.fusionstaffing.net Heather Thompson

    We purchased an application from http://www.inparser.net that has given us the ability to source our linkedin network. We can manage our our contacts and recruit off of them much easier. There is a great group data search in the app that has be most effective.

  • Marvin Smith

    Great work (as always). I agree that we miss the mark on monetizing great hires. I think there is also a correlation of how we treat prospects during the recruiting process and their behaviors as consumers of our products/services.

  • Christina Ramstein

    Very interesting and well thought out, although I think there is more to be said from the job seeker’s perspective.

    Despite the wealth of legal concerns about using any information gleaned through second-party channels, time well spent by recruiters on social networking sites can provide a wealth of information on potential candidates that may or may not be obvious in traditional settings.

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  • http://www.starbucks.com/careers Jeremy Langhans

    An overheard conversation: “They will just abuse it, wasting time with friends and family- time that could be put to more productive use. We run the risk of information getting out that simply must stay within these walls. At most we should limit access to one or two trusted managers.”

    What were they talking about? Whether or not to install telephones in 1909.

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  • Angie Hazard

    Excellent article and well thought out. I would also add that another benefit to social network recruiting is you can get to know candidates at a more intimate level and get a higher degree of confidence on culture fit within your organization.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/russmoon Russ Moon

    Occasionally Compelling –

    Candidate volume — social networking sources may provide your firm with a high volume of qualified candidates.

    Which can lead us to

    Highly Compelling –

    ROI — the dollar value of the program’s benefits may far exceed its cost, and the resulting ROI may be significantly higher than other recruiting programs.

    Thanks John, you have gift for how you organize your data into a format that is simply…compelling 🙂

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  • mike hunter

    I’ve recently found a very interesting video on the topic http://www.videorolls.com/watch/Employing-Social-Networking-in-the-Recruiting-Industry Actually there are lots of discussions, but I must admit that most prefessionals do see more positive features in this kind of recruiting. I tend to agree with them.

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  • http://blog.eskill.com/ Curtis Whitler

    We can’t undermine the benefits of social media recruiting- I think it really brought recruiting to a new level – it became faster and of better quality. Using social media as a source of candidates was really a great idea, as it allows targeting a wider audience, especially nowadays as there are more devices connected to the Internet than there are people on Earth and chances to reach out to candidates via internet are higher.