Talent by the Numbers

A new feature: some recent stats, facts, data, and figures in the talent-acquisition field, the job market, and the economy. If you have any good ones, let me know for next time.

300 … millions of dollars the U.S. Army will spend to get 6,000 extra recruits before October 1.

89.5 … the percent increase in people using the search phrase “remote jobs” on Indeed in 2016.

3.4 … millions of people LinkedIn says are using the “Open Candidates” feature to say they’d like to hear of new roles.

58 … the average age of a CEO, says Korn Ferry.

198,000 … the annual dollars you’d have to make in San Francisco to have the same standard of living as a $110,000 salary in Austin, according to Hired.

51,572 … what you need to earn to buy the median home in Salt Lake City.

70 … percent of the H1-B visa recipients coming to the U.S. who arrive from India, according to CNBC.

72,900 … number of employees who were added to Amazon just over the past year.

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1 … out of 10, the number of online job listings Glassdoor says include pay info.

6.8 … out of 10, the number of people who say that pay is among their leading considerations before accepting a job.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/dmark D. Mark Hornung

    Well, considering a U.S. Army E-1 starts out making $18,000 per year, if you just doubled their pay you’d probably wind up with a lot more than 6,000 enlistees. And save $84 million in the process.

    • toddraphael

      It does sound like 200 of the 300 million will be for signing bonuses.

  • Mike Wolford

    yes the army cost per hire is 50,000