• Howard Adamsky

    If Chris Forman does it, it has to be good!

  • http://www.matchpointcareers.com Paul Basile

    It’s a very good idea that candidates are treated with more respect. But this solution still misses the key: what does the job really require and how can I know it’s best for me (if I am the jobseeker) or that the jobseeker will be the best employee (if I am the employer)? Resumes and job posts simply don’t include the information required to determine the essentials of on-the-job performance. Networking more fully or effectively on that basis won’t help much, even if candidates feel better treated. The science of performance prediction is known, proven and used by the best companies.

  • Dk Burnaby

    Great that they implemented this, but it’s not exactly a new feature in the ATS market. We use Peopleclick and candidate experience is very important to us. The system has built in capability for candidates to check on their own status in the hiring process – which can be customized on our end (as far as what it tells them at what stages). Additionally, a few configurable triggers I set up ensure that candidates are notified by e-mail at all critical steps in the process, including when they are not selected. We finish it off with a trigger that automatically sends a survey invitation to get feedback on their experience for any candidates we interview but don’t hire.

  • http://www.cachinko.com Felipe Villasenor

    I like (actually LOVE) the idea…but the reality is that most hiring managers and recruiters don’t update the Candidate’s Application Status in their ATS and in the few cases where this happens the updates are not meaningful and can’t build a relationship with both parties, therfeore the black hole still exists. Getting most companies to depend on 1 vendor to provide this info. independent of the ATS like solution is not likely anytime soon because of the corporate culture of Corporate Recruiting.


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  • http://superecruiter.blogspot.com/ Morgan Hoogvelt

    Sounds like an awesome idea – I am curious to what the legal aspects of avoiding the black hole will be. Meaning, most hiring managers and recruiters I know do not give feedback because they are afraid of any legal ramifications from someone who did not get the job.

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