• Keith Halperin

    Hello Everyone,

    These steps will help you save recruiting money:

    1) Analyze your recruitment processes, better yet- have the people actually doing the work analyze your recruitment processes- they know what’s REALLY going on.
    2) Determine what areas are the most valuable uses of your staff’s time.
    3) Eliminate, automate, or outsource the least valuable parts of recruiting- for example, you shouldn’t have to pay more than about $3500 per month for high quality, cold-call telephone sourcing to identify candidates or hiring managers in companies with a gatekeeper/”name generation,” $1250 per month for internet sourcing, or $800 per month for interview scheduling and coordinating between candidates and the hiring team.
    4) If your people can’t effectively do the high value-add work remains, consider training them.
    5) If there isn’t enough work remaining to go around, consider reduction-in-work before reduction-in-force. (Those who object to the former are good candidates for the latter.)
    6) As conditions improve, continue following Steps 1-5- don’t go back to paying “*guru” salaries to folks to do lots of “grunt” work.

    Keith Halperin keithsrj@sbcglobal.net

    * High-touch, high-skill, high-value add, creative work.
    ** Low-touch, low-skill, low-value add, routine work.

  • http://www.theresumator.com/ Don Charlton

    I would also like to suggest our company’s product, The Resumator, which helps you manage both resumes jobs, and can can even help you find job boards that are better targeted and more affordable. Takes a minute to set up on your website, or just use the resume tools behind the scenes. Hopefully, we can help you save money acquiring prospects.

    Don Charlton
    CEO, The Resumator

  • http://www.ckrinteractive.com Skye Callan

    All great pointers on how to optimize recruiting efforts on a small budget! I’m looking forward to 1,000 Ways to Recruit Top Talent coming out.

    We have a variety of low-cost solutions available to help companies recruit the top talent they need, including recruitment blogging solutions, employee referral programs, metrics software that tracks where hires are coming from so that job board, banner ad and print ad spending can be evaluated and reallocated as needed, and much, much more. http://www.ckrinteractive.com

    Skye Callan
    CKR Interactive

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  • http://www.qefoundation.org George Ricci

    Looking for anyone interested in the following subject matter as a prerequisite to be an associate and Director in Waiting to operate a nonprofit education and research 501 c 3 private operating foundation:

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