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  • http://www.johnstonsearch.com/about.php Brian Kevin Johnston

    Dr. Sullivan- Thanks for the REMARKABLE content..

    “It’s unfortunately true that many recruiters are risk-averse and slow to adapt to new approaches, tools, and technologies.” (AMEN to that!)

    Stop being a “recruiter” and Start being a “Marketer” and you will 2X your results (& Staff) within one year Guaranteed…

    Best to ALL, Brian-

  • Robert Dromgoole

    If it aint broke, don’t fix it. I only say that, because if these old conservative recruiters who are resistant to change are consistantly getting results and closing deals, then they have no need to cyber stalk using these types of tools. However, I love the technology and use it to some extent.

  • Keith Halperin

    Thank you Dr. Sulivan and Mr. Burneett. I enjoyed the article. There are a couple of implications I’d like to explore:
    1) If you can easily and fairly “completely”(including video) contact someone via a smartphone or netbook, why would you want to meet with them real-time, unless you just coincidentally happend to be in the vicinity? In other words: mobile and SN technology make it easier to meet potential candidates anywhere, anytime while simultaneously decreasing the need to do so.

    2) For years I’ve been maintaining that low-touch, low-value add recruiting activities like sourcing, scheduling/coordinating, metrics, etc. should be no-sourced (eliminated), through-sourced (automated) or out-sourced (sent away), leaving high-touch, high-value add activities like advising, consulting, and closing. If much of what was formerly “high-touch” can be done via smartphone/netbook from anywhere:
    a) Why do you need to come in and work in an office, cubicle, or open-plan “bullpen” surrounded by micro-managing suits and annoying coworker drones? (Fortunately, nobody like that is on this forum.)
    b) What tasks CAN’T be done from anywhere for a lot less?
    Imagine an “Oxbridge” or “Ivy League” accented/graduated Indian Executive Recruiter filling C-level positions for 8% via either smartphone or video link “As seen on TV”.


    Keith “The Cat’s Out of the Bag Now” Halperin

  • http://www.nimblecat.com Sunil Mehta

    This is indeed a growing trend. I was at the #TNL tweetup a couple of weeks ago where Craig Fisher @fishdogs and others discussed location-based recruiting with foursquare specifically. Also, in todays socially networked world, this is not stalking. People put their information out there with the expectation of being found.

    Sunil Mehta

  • http://www.verbalsummary.com Jerry Albright

    I find this notion absolutely ridiculous. Just another way for recruiters who would rather do ANYTHING other than dial the phone to feel good about wasting time building their so-called network.

    If happenstance meetings with candidates are anywhere on your list of daily activities – you’re game is nearly over.

  • Meri Masters

    I have to comment on Jerry’s comment. I was wondering when I was going to read something, somewhere, about what I’ve always thought was real recruiting. I was starting to wonder if I was just obsolete like so much of the software that shows up today and is gone tomorrow before you get a chance to really explore it…

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