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  • Ian Millar

    Definitely NOT a threat to LinkedIN.

  • http://www.ere.net/author/justin-miller/ Justin Miller
  • http://www.verticalelevation.com Carol Schultz

    It occurs to me that FB is attempting to build a better mousetrap and try to make themselves more relevant than they are. I think your assessment is right on. This is really nothing more than an aggregator for “classified” ads…

  • http://linkedin.com/in/danielsloop Daniel Sloop

    Why didn’t they just buy Indeed.com?

  • Ken Schmitt

    Personally, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. The attempted evolution of Facebook from a social network to a more professional one seems quite natural to me. In order for any platform to stay competitive it must be willing to change and progress. Facebook continues to be a dominating force in the social media world and in order for it to keep its position it must be willing to branch out. Taking their platform to a new, more professional level makes sense.

    As to the success of this shift? Only time will tell. Yes, FB is much more social than professional but there is an entire generation that lives on and through Facebook. It will be very interesting to see what type of candidate pool that is created through this development.
    Ken Schmitt

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/ReginaJohnson1 Regina Johnson

    I don’t think its a wise decision for Facebook to try to get into recruiting and Job boards because Facebook is a social network where people go to getaway from the professional or business related side of life. Personally I don’t really care either way because once my Facebook got “HACKED” into this year I left it in my past like a bad habit. So I don’t trust Facebook at all!

  • http://snaphop.com Wen Tian

    It does not work on mobile at all considering half of all Facebook traffic is coming from mobile. This is an epic fail for Facebook from the get go!

  • http://www.matchpointcareers.com Paul Basile

    The fundamental issue is not being addressed by Facebook (not that they could address it), nor by many others, which is: companies make poor decisions when the hire, or poorer decisions than they should. Recruitment practices live in the 19th Century and even an overlay of technology and ATS’s doesn’t prevent employers from hiring for the wrong reasons. There is serious science and insight, of the kind that many other parts of businesses have adopted, that are very much underutilized in recruitment. And that’s why results are bad, not because we need more social in recruitment. Facebook’s solution won’t help even if it (might) be lucrative for FB and popular to recruiters.

  • Keith Halperin

    Thanks, Paul. I think you’ve hit the target. The point of much of the recruiting-services industry isn’t really to improve recruiting- that would require a fundamental re-examination of many major organizations’ basic recruiting assumptions and practices, which would make too many powerful people to come out looking very stupid or complicit. Instead it’s designed to make lots of money through allowing many recruiting decision-makers (these same powerful people and their subordinates) to get caught pretending to improve things.


    Keith keithsrj@sbcglobal.net

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  • http://www.verticalelevation.com Carol Schultz

    @Keith: Of course it won’t improve recruiting, but in the “nation of sheep” world we live in it makes sense that they would jump on the bandwagon. I’ve said over and over that companies need to align talent strategy with business strategy and companies by and large still do what they know and it doesn’t work.

    Every company selling a “product” want you to think their product will solve all your problems. Not the case.

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