• http://aces.arbita.net/blog/glenn Glenn Gutmacher

    John, thanks for referencing my earlier post which had another interview with Eric Barker. You should note that the method Eric employed was originated by Willy Franzen in September 2008 but, like many great ideas, can take a while to hit critical mass: http://www.onedayonejob.com/blog/use-facebook-ads-to-make-employers-hunt-you-down/

  • Kristen Fife

    Eric, contact me and I can give you some info on jobs at MS…I have several years (and recruiting contacts there!) under my belt; if you haven’t already been in contact with the recruiters over there I know several on the Entertainment and Devices team.
    kristen dot fife at conquent dot com

  • http://www.thefaceaustralia.com.au/ Lucie Snape

    This is excellent! I work for an employment marketing agency in Sydney – The Face, and we just did something very similar with fantastic results.

    As part of a two-day employment workshop in Sydney, we came up with the idea of developing a personal brand to help candidates market themselves and connect with their ideal employer.

    One lucky job seeker, Colleen Chan (an unemployed business analyst from Sydney), won the opportunity for us to create her personal brand and help her stand out from the crowd!

    We identified her personal brand, created an advertisement around it and ran it in the Early General News section of Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald and on the homepage of MyCareer.com.au and TheBigChair.com.au.

    The results have been outstanding.

    Creating a personal brand is an excellent strategy to assist candidates in what is an increasingly competitive environment. Times have changed and out of the box approaches such as this are what will quickly sort the wheat from the chaff. Great stuff Eric!!

    If you are keen to check out Colleen Chan’s personal brand campaign (Check with Chan!), you can see it here:

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