• http://snaphop.com Wen Tian

    Great article! One correction below:

    “there are 1.2 million mobile web users worldwide”

    Shouldn’t this be billion instead of million?

    [corrected 12/11 6:24 a.m. – Todd Raphael ]

  • http://www.shakercg.com Joseph Murphy

    Erin, nice concise observations.
    The nature of the candidate experience has been getting increased attention. Two years ago, reading about the job was identified as the top method for learning about it. The trend of demand/expectations for a more engaging experiences is quite evident. Mobile apps have made delivering interactive candidate experiences easier. But are they more valuable?

    Take a look at other candidate expectations by reading more here http://www.shakercg.com/blog/2011/04/candidate-experience-how-candidates-want-to-learn-about-job-content/

  • http://www.sparkhire.com Josh Tolan

    Great post! It’s true, as we move into 2013 job seekers will be more heavily embracing new technology like mobile job seeking and video interviews. In fact, job seekers can even record video interview answers from their mobile devices now! The visual medium is going to become more important moving forward for both job seekers and recruiters, so it will be important to keep that in mind for your 2013 recruiting efforts.

  • http://www.ascendify.com Lauren Smith

    Nice, Erin!

    One more…

    Career sites will become more social next year – transformed in active talent communities.

    Rather than rely on social networks, companies are realizing that they’d rather build their own community made up of candidates who have readily expressed interest in them. Allows for better control of content, messaging, and employer branding too.


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