• Chris Russell

    You forgot to mention their podcast series done through Jobs in Pods. Their “jobcasts” have been downloaded over 100,000 times over the past few years.


  • Sejal Patel

    There’s so much that’s happening and so little time that we didn’t go over our jobcasts, but you’re so right Chris! (I take responsibility for the slip.) Thanks for calling them out!

  • http://www.cachinko.com Anthony Morrison

    Hi Todd,
    I love that Intel is embracing social media for the sake of recruiting. In the future, I see more and more companies jumping on the social media bandwagon. That way, job seekers don’t get lost on a job board and employers don’t feel stuck with a so-so talent pool.

  • Ken Schmitt

    Brilliant! I love seeing companies solve problems on multiple levels using the newest technological resources. Recruiting is not what it used to be- it’s not all who you know and where you network. Using social media and technology in all its forms will streamline the candidate intake process make recruiting simpler in many ways. As the owner of a boutique recruiting firm, I have found that using many different tools to recruit has been a large part of our success. First and foremost, our name and reputation carry a lot of weight. Second, networking in the right places allows me to meet a variety of people and become accessible to many. Our marketing strategy largely includes social media in many ways- from LinkedIn to Twitter to Facebook, as well as our website (http://www.turningpointsearch.net/) And lastly, listening to our clients has helped us fine tune my company- Listening to what does and doesn’t work, what they need and how we can meet their needs.

    Companies like Intel are helping all of make our industry better.
    Ken C. Schmitt

  • Keith Halperin

    FYI: INTEL’S INTERVIEWS (from Glassdoor):

    Interview Difficulty Rating
    Based on 390 ratings
    3.1 “Average” Interview


    Interview Experience Based on 390 ratings
    Positive 60%
    Neutral 34%
    Negative 6%


    A candidate for a PTD consisted of:
    Phone Interview,
    1:1 Interview,
    Group/Panel Interview,
    IQ/Intelligence Test,
    Skills Test, and
    Personality Test

    Your thoughts….


  • http://www.linkedin.com/pub/tavish-ledesma/2/92a/483 Tavish Ledesma

    Great overview of our work in the mobile space, Todd! I’d like to add that the development of our mobile app would not have been possible without great contribution from Intel’s IT Human Resources Capability team.

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