• Howard Adamsky

    Good article. Nice to see a new voice.

    “A leader of dot-com revolution 2.0 with market cap of $100 billion and a billion users collected in eight years enters one of the biggest and a highly fragmented markets and gives us … a job board.”

    Agreed. A job board is embarrassing. Honestly now.

    Ninety-percent of candidates are not engaged in job searches anymore. The future of recruitment is social – it’s all about reaching the passive candidates, building relationships and communities.

    Strongly disagree. Those who are upwardly aggressive and want to manage their careers will always be looking for the next great opportunity. Passive candidate is, to me, a geriatric terms whose time has come and gone. Our society is far too complex; political, technical and neo cultural shifts influencing outcomes on a daily basis. To call folks “passive candidates” seems to be simplistic at best.

    I call your attention to an article called “The Myth of the Passive Candidate” published here. Great stuff and a brilliant read.

  • http://www.minnesotatechjobs.com Eric Putkonen

    Good article.

    I must say though, it is not even a passable job aggregator.

    I go on indeed and type recruiter with my zip code and get a ton of results.
    I go on Monster (on of the places Facebook supposedly aggregates from) and I get 24 results.
    I go on Facebook’s new app – I get 0. That’s right…none.

    Not only is this wasting potential with a job aggregator…but it is creating a job aggregator that can’t compete with what is already out there with more market share.

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  • http://dreamployed.com Piotr Korpak

    Thanks for the comment, I’m glad we agree on the job board part.

    About the ‘passive candidates’, I guess it’s a never-ending story that would require a longer discussion and in its core is more about the wording than merit.

    As you mentioned, our society is far too complex to take a simplistic approach and divide it into active and passive candidates. It’s not a binary choice and we shouldn’t take it as such. The line between active and passive becomes less evident every day, making the discussion even harder.

    I agree with you on ‘people managing their careers’ part but believe it doesn’t exclude them from ‘passive candidates’ category. Quite the contrary, people tend to take more social approach these days, focus on making connections rather than searching jobs and sending CVs. The underlying motivation is the same but the way they do it evolves.

    I read your article, indeed nicely written, though some things have changed since 2005.

    Thanks for your input.

    You’re right – it seems like not only the concept is wrong but the execution fails too.

    Still, I have a feeling that what we see is not Facebook’s final word.

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