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  • Keith Halperin

    It took ~ 3 1/2 mos to do this. I wonder how much it cost?



  • http://www.navicus.com Aaron Lintz

    This was more of a public relations move than a recruiting strategy. They did not look for a twitter ID (Klout or otherwise) until the they narrowed the 20k to 50. What a complete waste of time, not just money. The future is so bright…

  • Sandra McCartt

    Yeppers Keith, 3 and one half months. Now we know where all those 11$ an hour virtual sourcers are that you keep talking about and what they are doing and how long it takes. 🙂

  • Keith Halperin

    If they HAD used the good and affordable virtual sourcers, it would have taken a lot less money, but not nearly as much fun. Viva La Dolce Vita!

    Cheers or should I say: “Be Seeing You”,


  • http://hwww.humansecurities.com Theresa Torseth

    What a great PR and Marketing plan beautifully executed by a PR/Marketing executive search consultant! And to those of you weighing the cost of a sourcer against getting nearly 200,000 visitors to the Sunglass Hut website and over 11,000 new potential customers who have agreed to receive their promos via the web and social media, I say ‘get with the times!’ This marketing campaign just happened to land them some superb talent. Fortunately, they picked the right person in Angee Linsey to design and run it for them.

  • http://www.johnstonsearch.com/blog Brian Kevin Johnston

    Todd- Great read…. Thoroughly enJOYed reading about this campaign… My takeaway is that a Social Media Recruiting “System” can work, given the correct strategy… The length of time this took, is really not the point, because they could have easily made it a 1-month project, and had the same outcome… Thanks for Sharing Todd, and wincing through the cynicism that often plagues this blog.. Best to ALL, Brian-

  • Sandra McCartt

    That was a joke, laughter please or at least a cognitive smile. Of course it took that amount of time. That was the purpose of this kind of campaign.

  • http://opportunitiesproject.com Tracy Brisson

    Thanks for a thought-provoking post!

    Things I like about this story: innovative ideas, ties between marketing and recruitment, clear metrics at every stage…

    Things I struggle with about this story: Trying to stop my brain from thinking about the immense cost (money and time), constantly seeing places I would have streamlined the process, wondering about the true ROI for such a big brand…

  • Todd Raphael

    Tracy, my sense is they spent a pretty penny (travel expenses, outside consultants, IT/programming, social media analysts, staff time, press conference, outside PR I believe, and more) but my sense is that from a marketing/advertising point of view, it resulted in some great exposure in front of industry influencers. It would have been tough to get that exposure by simply buying ads. Again, that’s the marketing view: they used a recruiting hook to get exposure, and in my view that seems to be pretty effective.

    From a recruiting point of view, on the other hand, I think they could have gotten even more out of it. For example, the 11,288 people I mention who opted-in to promotions … the company didn’t seem to think of them as potential job candidates, just potential customers, but I see them as both. Perhaps they’ll see the connection later and send them a job promo or referral type of email, but if they had thought of these 11,288 more as job candidates up front they may have asked them different questions at the outset, such as, “are you interested in hearing about jobs at our stores or in our corporate office?”

  • http://superecruiter.blogspot.com/ Morgan Hoogvelt

    Awesome – this move was thoughtful, innovatice, creative, and just awesome. Regardless of the cost, the long term PR effects and what not will truly pay the company back.

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