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    “Career content allows employers to be proactive and craft their own story. It makes job seekers think of them differently.”

    And therein lies the problem with such an approach. What companies pitch people vs what they actually deliver is a gap that needs to be addressed before such a strategy is implemented, or it will result in higher turnover and backlash, leading to a potentially worse reputation via more independent rating media.

  • http://mattcharney.com Matt Charney

    Well, getting a branded powerpoint embed in here kind of proves that the analogy to a medium that’s inherently unbiased and objective is probably at least a little misguided.

    • http://www.recruitinganimal.com RecruitingANIMAL

      Matt, do you mean that all we see here are a few companies promoting their own practices — rather than objective studies — as a vehicle to promote their own brands

      • http://www.medievalrecruiter.com/ Medieval Recruiter

        That was what I took from his comment, which makes this fit the mold of most hiring practices, to be blunt. Unverified nonsense masquerading as ‘truth’ of some kind. And it’s necessary for most, because what’s been verified to date, that to get and retain people you should pay them well and treat them well, is the one approach most companies these days are averse to trying.

  • Chloé Rada

    Chris, thank you so much for included Sodexo in your article and for the kudos around our content strategy. I like that idea of “Career Newsrooms” and couldn’t agree more. My content team is great when gathering content from our numerous sources company wide and crafting messages that resonate with our targeted audience. I think the key is a healthy mix of people stories, career highlights, discipline-specific/industry news, job campaigns, newsletters and job seeker tips etc.

    • http://www.careercloud.com/ chrisr2

      Thanks Chloe, keep up the good work.

  • http://www.careercloud.com/ chrisr2

    Hey Matt, I’m not selling anything in this article. Its merely meant to give other recruiters ideas. ERE asked me to contribute and I did so. I have no hidden agenda.

    Re: Medieval – I’m not advocating you lie about your culture. If you notice all my examples are things you cant really fake. If companies truly want to attract enough of the right candidates they need to start sharing whats happening inside the org. And I think the companies mentioned would strongly disagree about calling these ideas ‘unverifed nonsense’.

    • http://www.medievalrecruiter.com/ Medieval Recruiter

      Then please put forward the objective evidence with measurements and KPIs that show before and after results, and make at least some attempt to control for other variables to show the true impact of this method.

      No one ‘advocates’ lies in their marketing hype, but that’s what ends up there, and especially in recruiting material. There isn’t a single company on the planet that doesn’t claim to care about its employees, do they all pay well? Do they all treat people equally well? Do they all offer a decent benefits package? Do they all offer off-time, or paid off-time? Do they all have reasonable hours?

      In a nutshell, do they all address and respect the basic ‘hygiene’ factors of work that create moderate to severe dissatisfaction if ignored? The simple answer is no, but is there a single one of them that would admit that, much less put it in recruiting material? Therein lies the problem. Like it or not there are objective measures we can apply to determine just how much companies truly value their employees, and the basic measure is how much they are willing to pay for them, which includes monetary compensation as well as non-monetary compensation like benefits, vacation time, flexible hours, etc. Not all companies measure up, but every single one of them claims to be the best, or at least a contender. It can’t be true for all of them, so I guess some of them are lying.

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    Enjoyed the article very much. Great outline and format for continued positive branding for any company.