• Keith Halperin

    Thanks, Lou. Very timely article. As I said in Raghav’s discussion a couple days ago…

    I think the discussion of social media and recruiting delivers more heat than light, more chaff than wheat, more truisms than original thought, etc… I think it is especially good at getting anxious and persuasive recruiters at flush companies to disburse large sums of the companies’ cash to experts who promise a brave new world of effortless recruiting of perfect candidates. I heartily approve of such efforts of getting one’s fill of riches at the trough of corporate gullibility…
    At any rate: here are some of the problems not usually discussed:

    1) Social Media Recruiting (SMR) isn’t really recruiting, it’s Social Media SOURCING (SMS). Sourcing is something that is vital to the process, but can usually be performed by people costing $11/hr. or less. I suppose there are or will be Social Media Sourcers in the league of Maureen, Irina, Shally, Glenn etc., but in either case we (as recruiters) don’t need to do it- the sourcers should do it.

    2) It’s not very good getting motivated candidates RIGHT NOW. As a recruiter, I don’t want to spend weeks/months developing “relationships” with people- I want to have qualified candidates interviewing with my hiring managers STAT. SMS should be great at helping to fill pipelines, but I’ve been in very few recruiting situations where my colleagues and I have the bandwidth to create and fill pipelines. Also, the techniques used for getting immediate hires and developing long term employment relationships can be quite distinct- it would probably be best to have different people working on each.

    3) The results may be hard to measure- if someone is receiving info about your company from a variety of sources (Website, LI, FB, Twitter, other groups), how do you say that a given hire was due to a particular source?
    You can ask, but the candidate may not be able to figure it out…

    So, all you SMR gurus out there: keep milking us for all you can for as long as you can. It’s not as if we’re going to spend time and effort on investigating proven, cost-effective methods that produce a considerable number of hires, like employee referral programs. Also, nobody will really bother to consider that instead of having lots of fun in Las Vegas, attending companies could have done hundreds of hours of direct telephone and internet sourcing for the same amount of money.



  • Latigo Twain

    There may be more than a few upset apple carts in the “sourcing/recruiting” world before too long. There’s a juggernaut emerging out of Silicon Valley, or from somewhere near there, which is a free real-time, livestream video-based network for business. Whispers say that when this puppy beta tests some time before Xmas, a lot of revenue streams are going to dry up because it puts “Target” and “Searcher” face to face through advanced search in-network. Anyone here that is in the industry of finding talent or hiring talent heard anything about this new Web 3.0 platform. Has a name that sounds cool…can’t find anything yet on the web… See Me Now. Would love to share notes with anybody who has. Social media is such a broad term, that it’s inefficiencies are setting up yet more petty cash fiefdoms. This new tool is free. Everything one currently pays to do on other networks that will remain nameless is free…all on one network. Sleuth with me. I want in on the beta but can’t figure out how to get there. Help!!!! I need people. Bikes are big business. And I can’t keep up. No solicitors please 🙂

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