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  • http://identified.com/ Calvin Jhunjhnuwala

    I think more and more people will come around to the idea of posting jobs on Facebook. Already companies like HP, McDonalds, and Starbucks are using job applications on their Facebook pages for potential candidates to apply with. The privacy issue is definitely an area of concern for most, but as long as users know there basic information is being viewed and not their photos, I don’t see why people wouldn’t want to apply with their Facebook.

    I work for Identified where we provide Employer Solutions when it comes to Facebook.
    Check us out at employers.identified.com
    We offer social media management, TalentLink (job posting application) and ProSearch (passive sourcing of candidates up to 2nd connections)

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  • http://www.work4labs.com Geraldine Slevin

    For the thousands of job seekers and companies already using apps like Work4 Labs’ Work for Us every day–and for those who might be hesitant about diving into social recruiting–this is definitely big news. Perceptions of Facebook are changing as well, as job seekers in particular are increasingly aware of how to leverage their social media profiles to connect with potential employers.

    Thanks for the article! And we <3 NPR!


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  • Ananda Chakravarty

    An interesting move by FB, but primarily to generate future value through ad revenue. Some key points about the deal – it’s all about aggregation for broader leverage:
    -Job Aggregation Indeed/SimplyHired style
    -App aggregation and force multiplier, Branchout, Beknown, Jobvite, Work4Labs, etc.
    -FB company career site aggregation, companies creating FB career pages

    The latter is of most significance here and FB is smart to take advantage of it. This plays into employment branding far more than sourcing.

    Should have limited impact to LI, except perhaps in the rumor mill.

  • http://it-career-coach.net kay Riley

    I think becoming a job board by using aggregate listings from these third-party applications is a disappointing start for Facebook’s debut into becoming a job board site. Although it has a large members following, I think they will find it harder than they think for members to start looking at them as a professional and/or job seekers resource, since Monster, Indeed and Career Builders are front runners with a solid base already.

    I think is will be a long time before LinkedIn will feel any squeeze from Facebook. LinkedIn has a solid market share among professionals; it didn’t have to overcome a brand of being a “personal interactions” network like Facebook does. Facebook will not only have to convince members that their information is secure but that they can pull off being both a personal interaction site as well as a professional network site. Then people will have to make a decision as to whether they want to make a “professional” facebook profile or clean up their existing “social” one. If they are going to have to make a new one, I would image most would opt to make a professional one on LinkedIn and keep their professional and personal profiles separate.

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