• Will Branning


    I agree that hosting a social network site is alot of work – though I don’t currently host one. I do read articles and respond to some of them. Particiopation takes time. Without this social networks value is very limited.
    I am a believer that we all must take time and participate!

  • Howard Adamsky

    Excellent content!

    Maureen is such a valuable asset to us all.

  • Terry Starr

    Great article. I am living everything you have discussed in this post. Recently I launched a social network – http://www.MyWorkButterfly.com – to help moms get back to work and for working moms (like me) who try to juggle it all. One of the early goals of our site was to attract in the mommy bloggers who would be the “active participants” that you speak of. We have stayed true to our brand, and launched with over 300++ pgs of content provided by experts in career counseling, therapy, work/life, child care, elder care, health, etc. plus a natl job board. Today we have nearly 600+ pages with an average view of 6+ minutes.

    We too agree that because we are a niche site, word is spreading fast about our point of difference in the vast and ever growing space.

    Lastly, although we weren’t intending to do “invite-only live events”, our membership has been asking for it. In the Fall, we will bring Butterfly to life. I do agree this is important. Members want to meet those like-minded individuals who they have been communicating with so freely.

    Loved the article.

  • Todd Raphael

    Terry — I’m curious if you’ve seen the discussion going on over here:

    Pretty interesting.

    By the way, how are things going with the job postings on your site given the slow pace of hiring?