• http://www.hireclix.com Neil Costa

    Nice job Morgan. I think #3 – Engagement is Key. There are too many people who have swung too far toward social media as the end all be all of recruiting without accounting for the time it takes to build relationships. You need a smart strategy with practical steps to start to feel some traction. Social media is just part of a balanced recruitment marketing mix.

  • http://www.Twitter.com/StarbucksJobs Jeremy Langhans

    i agree w/ neil

  • Sara Lynn Reno

    I think that the strategy piece is key. We have to know what we are going to do, why we are going to do it, and how we think it will impact recruiting, rather than just jumping into social media without a plan in place.

  • Daniel Guelzo

    Excellent article!

    The SFN Group has been in a 12 year study on the “Emerging Workforce and how social media has become front and center. Key workplace strategies to attract, cultivate and retain talent are presented in the study with new set of rules dictated by changing worker mentality and motivations.

    I’m confident you’ll find the study interesting.


  • http://www.hireclix.com Neil Costa

    Thanks Jeremy – By the way – you guys have an awesome facebook app for your recruiting efforts. People check it out if you haven’t already – http://on.fb.me/hPocvg.

    PS – Your coffee rocks too.

  • http://www.Twitter.com/StarbucksJobs Jeremy Langhans

    u r 2 kind Neil!!
    but, yah, i agree on both points 😉

    u could also check out our twitter @starbucksjobs
    (the kid that manages it is uber)


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  • http://superecruiter.blogspot.com/ Morgan Hoogvelt

    Thank you all for the great comments and feedback.

    Daniel – Great study and interesting

    Jeremy – Starbucks continues to be at the forefront. Great apps and strategy.

  • http://www.Twitter.com/StarbucksJobs Jeremy Langhans

    thanks Morgan, i appreciate that


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