Contributors to any ERE Media property should avoid conflicts of interest by refraining from writing about or referencing any individual, product or company in which they have a current or predictable future financial, family or similar personal interest.

In addition, past financial, family or other significant interests may also constitute a real or apparent conflict of interest and, at the discretion of the editor, may be required to be disclosed in the article.

Recognizing that there may be occasions when contributors with a real or apparent conflict of interest may have a unique, extensive or essential perspective on an issue of substantial industry importance, then, in consultation with the editor, such conflict of interest shall be disclosed in the article in a manner to ensure maximum transparency.

It is the obligation of all paid contributors to disclose situations of real or apparent conflicts of interest to the editor who shall have the final decision regarding disclosure or publication.

Paid contributors may not accept gifts — such as meals & entertainment — worth $50 or more, which aren’t available to the general public or groups.

Other Contributors

Recognizing that voluntary article contributions come from a variety of sources, including vendors, consultants, their agencies and others whose relationship to the subject matter may not be known, editors shall have the sole discretion to accept, reject or require revision so as to provide complete transparency as is necessary for readers to judge the veracity, fairness and thoroughness of the submission.

Conference Passes

No member of ERE Media shall require members of the press, bloggers, writers or others receiving a free pass to any ERE conference or event to provide positive publicity or promotion. This provision shall not apply to marketing agreements with established organizations providing discounted or free passes in exchange for promotional advertising or mentions.

Paid Content

It is the policy of ERE Media that paid editorial content, usually described as “advertorial” or “sponsored content,” shall be so designated in a clear, obvious and unambiguous manner. Content placement shall never be provided for any goods or services without being designated as paid content.