HR Management

Screening International Workers Is Becoming a Must

The debate on immigration and the global economy has never been fiercer. At the same time, competition for top talent continues to grow, as employers look to an international workforce to fill talent gaps and expand operations across the globe….

Microsoft’s New Tool That Tells the Boss Everything

If you thought secretly tracking company morale through Slack was scary, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. Microsoft held its Build event this week in Seattle. It’s similar to big events you’ve seen from the likes of Apple, Facebook and Google where the…

The Future of Recruiting Is an Internal Talent Consulting Group, As Technology Handles Daily Recruiting Tasks

8 Things To Do When You Want Recruiting To Be More Strategic The march of technology is already underway in recruiting. And that means that most day-to-day recruiting activities will become transactions, and that means that most sourcing, job matching,…