Tony Kubica and Sara LaForest

About the Author

Tony Kubica and Sara LaForest are co-Founders of Kubica LaForest Consulting. They are management consultants, business performance improvement specialists, and executive coaches helping businesses and individuals accelerate their growth and adapt to the changing needs of the marketplace.

Unless No One Gets Sick, Quits, or Dies, A Plan’s in Order

Does your organization have a succession program in place? Too many organizations and small businesses default to the practice of reactionary assignment of a successor amid a now-glaringly-vacant position, or embark on a rushed external hire that often ends up as a high cost disappointment from a ”hiring misfire.” The consequences are not…

Succession Planning: More Than Just a Replacement Strategy

There are three reasons to do a succession plan, and identifying a replacement for the CEO and select top executives is only part of one of these reasons. The three reasons are: Replacement for key employees To support anticipated growth To address and deal with talent shortages Unfortunately, however, succession planning is too…