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Theresa M. Welbourne, PhD, is the FirsTier Banks Distinguished Professor of Business and Director of the Center of Entrepreneurship at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. She is also the founder, President, and CEO of EEPulse Inc., a human capital technology and consulting firm in the energy business -- optimizing and directing human energy for growth and innovation. She also is an adjunct professor with the Center for Effective Organizations at the University of Southern California. Theresa was awarded the 2012 Academy of Management Distinguished HR Executive Award (for contributions in research, teaching and practice). Contact her at .

The Fall of CEO Energy – and Why It’s Bad For Business

CEO energy is trending down. This is bad for business. Energy of other leaders (other C-suite leaders and VPs) is trending up. This is a good news. These new findings come from The Leadership Pulse, which has been running since 2003. In this research, we run short pulse surveys with leaders around the world….

The Fast HRM Movement: It’s All About Energy, Performance, Success

By Theresa M. Welbourne, PhD Fast HRM is critical to any organization’s success. The work on Fast HRM is derived from an established field of practice in extreme and agile programming and over 20 years of research on what predicts long-term firm performance (to learn more, go here and look for the Fast HRM…

Seat at the Table? Now it’s “Laws of the Jungle,” and 7 Tips for HR to Survive

Survey after employee survey, focus group after focus group and interview after interview, employees tell you that the thing they dislike most at work is meetings. Now think about this: What will be going on when human resource management professionals finally arrive “at the table,” which is where the field continues to say…