Teresa Hopke

About the Author

Teresa Hopke is senior vice president of Life Meets Work, a workforce innovation company. She partners with clients to discover new ways of working to improve employee performance and grow businesses. Hopke’s work has been featured in the books Battling to Be the Best and Innovation Excellence. Contact her at thopke@lifemeetswork.com .

Help Your Workforce Make a Stress-less New Year’s Resolution

I was talking with the COO of a busy consulting firm who told me her husband had recently had a heart attack. While they were in the hospital waiting to see the cardiologist, she pulled out her BlackBerry to return an urgent email. The doctor walked in, saw her phone and said, “Do…

Real Estate Trumps HR, BYOD, and Other Trends You’ll See in 2013

Editor’s note: It’s never too early to make a forecast about 2013. So, consider this one of many predictions about what may await us when the New Year rolls around. We’ll be publishing them throughout December here at TLNT. These days we’re bombarded with information and statistics of all types. It’s hard to…