Tara Sinclair

About the Author

Tara M. Sinclair is an associate professor of economics and international affairs at George Washington University and chief economist at Indeed. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in macroeconomics and econometrics. Her research interests focus on modeling, explaining, and forecasting macroeconomic and particularly labor market fluctuations and trends for different countries. She is the co-director of the George Washington University Research Program on forecasting. As Indeed’s economist, she is developing original research using Indeed data on jobs and labor.

The U.S. Tech Talent Gulf Is Wide, But Signs Show Job Seekers Inching it Closer

The tech talent gulf remains wide in the U.S., with over 40 percent more employer need than job-seeker interest. This is a large and troubling gap. In our technology-driven economy, employers across all industries are in need of roles such as data scientists, software engineers, and software developers. When these roles aren’t filled, or aren’t…

Transportation Is Facing a Talent Shortage. How Will Employers Find the Candidates They Need?

If you’re hiring in transportation today, finding the talent you need in the coming years might seem a bit daunting. More than in the labor market overall, employment in transportation related occupations are highly attuned to economic fluctuations. Acting as a bellwether of the nation’s economic health, that employment fell dramatically during the…