Tangie Pettis

About the Author

With 18 years of recruiting experience in healthcare, corporate and retail industries, Tangie Pettis has dedicated her career to assisting companies like Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Aeropostale, Charlotte Russe, Home Depot (RPO), DaVita, and Vanderbilt University Medical Center with finding qualified candidates. She is an award winning recruiter who is passionate about training and development of others and freely shares her expertise with colleagues across the country.

Throughout her career she has been identified as a coach and mentor by her peers and serves as an internal subject matter expert in Internet Sourcing and Time Management.

In her current role as Regional Dentist Recruiter, she works with Owner Doctors that are supported by Pacific Dental Services with Doctor Recruitment in the North Central Texas area. Since joining Pacific Dental Services in 2015, she has successfully developed and implemented a streamlined recruitment process that has been recognized for its effectiveness.

Tangie has the following certifications: AIR Certifications from AIRS Recruiter Academy: Certified Internet Recruiter, Certified Advanced Internet Recruiter, Certified Diversity Recruiter, and Professional Recruiter.

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