Steven Jiang

Steven Jiang

Steven Jiang, CEO and Co-founder of Hiretual, a sourcing platform that combines recruiting with science to transform the Internet to be recruiter friendly. Steven is an engineering prodigy who was promoted from being a junior engineer to an engineering manager in less than one year, officially becoming the youngest engineering manager in Samsung's history. He scaled his engineering team from 20 to 120 engineers during that year before he went onto co-found Hiretual with his boss.

Sourcing on A Time Crunch

Scene: Intake meeting Me to Hiring Manager: This is great. I understand the req. I will start sourcing. Btw by when do you need this person? Hiring Manager: Like tomorrow Me:   Well, haven’t we all been there? Situations like…

Make Hiring Managers Recruiting Friendly

It’s fairly common to hear complaints about the hiring managers in recruiting. Some may complain that hiring managers didn’t clarify job requirements. Some may suffer from the lack of feedback. It is known to us (recruiters and sourcers) that collaboration…