Steve Levy

About the Author

Steve Levy's blog, The Recruiting Inferno, is a return to his edgier past. He is principal of The Recruiting Inferno, a recruiting firm focused on all elements of talent acquisition. His expertise is working within companies to plan, design, and implement creative systems, processes, and infrastructures that improve workforce planning, recruiting, and organizational development while strengthening financial and operational performance under demanding business conditions.

I Dream of Maisha

For those who have yet to speak at an industry conference, here are three words that can be used to describe your initial experience of performing in front of an information ravenous audience… “sweaty” and “cotton mouth.” There’s a rush of excitement when you watch a special person perform for the first time;…

1,000 Recruiters of Light

“This is America … a brilliant diversity spread like stars, like a thousand points of light in a broad and peaceful sky.” — President George H.W. Bush, August 1988 “… each of us has a role to play, and all of us have something to contribute. He (Bush) didn’t call for one blinding…