Stephen Berger

About the Author

Stephen is a senior technology talent recruitment expert with Indiana Jones like exploring abilities and symphony conductor methods. He doesn’t have super powers or a Master’s degree, however, what he does have is brutal honesty. He wants to connect with great talent to find out what makes everyone tick on a personal level. It started in 1999 when Stephen got his first break in recruitment for an IT agency in Edison, New Jersey. He would work for various firms throughout the New Jersey and New York areas for the next 17 years gaining experience and viewpoint of both client engagement and candidate perspectives. Stephen takes his pull back the curtain honesty with candidates in order to provide white glove recruitment services. Presently he is working as the Talent Acquisition Champion for a Fortune 500 company in New Jersey. Any chance you get to connect with Stephen do so and experience it like a ride at Great Adventure (Rolling Thunder or Nitro anyone). 

Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage

The 1st Infantry Division of the US Army has a saying: “No mission too difficult. No sacrifice too great. Duty First!” Over 30,000+ veterans are placed in corporate America each year and there are over 7,500 companies that do the hiring per year of those military individuals. What is even more impressive is that…