Scott Weiss

About the Author

Scott Weiss is the founder of employee referral software company, Referagigand President at Makena Partners, an IT recruiting/consulting firm. He is based in Seattle.

Avoiding Offer Rejection

Enough years in the recruiting business and enough missed placement opportunities by mishandling the offer scenario has taught me to be patient making job offers. In a tight market for talent, companies want to move top candidates through the hiring process quickly and try to lock the candidate down before competitors do. But…

Applying Proven Marketing Principles to Talent Generation

Candidate sourcing is fast becoming a high-contact sport, with front-line recruiters developing new techniques and evolving old ones as the war for talent becomes more fierce. Filling the pipeline with high quality talent is today’s priority for Fortune 50 companies, staffing firms, and mid-size businesses. Fortunately for recruiters, we needn’t look far for…